Old Halls

Modern workspace has evolved. Historical halls that once served as the central stockyard for the city of Berlin are now being converted into a modern and unique space for creative and open-minded professionals. There are Old Halls for office use and Old Halls for retail and food.

Offices in Old Hall
Food/ Retail in Old Hall
old halls

Benefits within the office part in the Old Halls

Join the new wellbeing vibe in DSTRCT.Berlin. The inspiring history of the brick buildings is now available for creative minds, out of the box thinkers and active people searching for a unique place with character to work at.

Historic look & feel

The charm of former industrial buildings fuses with an ultra-modern office solution to create the perfect workplace.

Authentic retail, food and services

DSTRCT is located in a vivid neighborhood that offers both long-established and new retail, food and sports options.

Comfortable for all types of businesses

In a short time, these bustling halls will be crowded with startup teams developing world-changing ideas, wild creative professionals or even architects silently drawing plans for the next award-winning projects.

Variable thanks to digital solutions

We are here to help you to build your own smart, future-proof, healthy and productive workspace and to ease your daily routines.

Active after regular business hours

DSTRCT’s neighborhood never sleeps. Sports opportunities, exciting dinners and cocktails or even relaxing walks through Volkspark Friedrichshain are just a stone’s throw away.

old halls

Stylish nest to work, eat, meet

The authentic charm of the historical area is preserved not only in the old red brick walls. Enormously high ceilings and big window openings allow the sunlight to penetrate deep into interior spaces thus making the space comfortable and fit for modern work. With total space of 4.330 m² in a combination of two historic halls and a new connecting building and thanks to the digital solutions the building offers variable options for creative and future-oriented working.

Key Facts

Total space of 4.330 m²

Up to 250 desks

Ceiling height up to 9 m

Fully air-conditioned

2 main entrances

Garden and rooftop terrace

Over 1.000 m² of open space

Gallery spaces for unique offices


Exceptional workspace for exceptional minds

The old halls offer charming, comfortable as well as variable areas. The Old Halls are devided into an office area and a food and retail area.

The office area includes three building across two floors over a total area of 4.330 m². While the food and retail area offers an open space across one floor over a total area of 2.700 m².

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Strategic workplace consulting

Our specialised Origameo team consults you to help develop a workspace that increases wellbeing and productivity of your entire team. Our holistic approach includes analysis of your way of work, consulting, space planning, design and fit-out. We even manage the complex internal change management if you like. After implementing your optimal new work environment, we also continue taking care of you and your team with additional services and features. Our expertise is always precisely tailored to you.

Dividable meeting rooms

Thanks to the clever and easy folding walls, the meeting rooms become a space with many possibilities. You can turn one large room into two smaller ones within seconds. This way you can react flexible to the current situation any time.

Office jungle

Natural light and greenery have an exceptional effect on better concentration and wellbeing, reducing stress level, fatigue and headaches. People who work in green and lighting conditions not only claimed they feel better but their productivity also increased by up to 15%. We help you bring these benefits and wellbeing easily to your team.

Exceptional working atmosphere

Enormously high ceilings up to 9 m and big window openings allow the sunlight to reach deep into interior spaces thus making the space comfortable, bright and fit for modern work. Galeries at the second floor and revitalised brick ambience support an open and creative working atmosphere. A truly exceptional setting.

Retail and food in a special place

The space design can be laid out extremely flexibly according to your needs, as the entire hall is a huge open space that can fulfil all your wishes. Access to this hall is surprisingly simple as well as ingenious via a small footbridge directly on the main road Landsberger Allee. What an awesome charm of former industrial building fuses with an ultra-modern retail solution to create a unique atmosphere.

Benefits within the food and retail part in the Old Halls

Carefully selected

Feel great sourrounded by other sustainable, awesome brands and services.

The perfect combination

Style and services under the roof of a fantastic heritage building.

A tasty destination

DSTRCT.Berlin definitely can not miss on the list of food lovers.

Spacious open areas

2.700 m² of modern food hall flexibly adjustes to the tenants requirements.

New food destination

It’s gonna be delicious

What a tasty break in a wonderful food destination in close proximity. Always follow the nose. This special food and retail Hall will be the best friend of numerous employees and residents of the neighborhood for lunch and dinner. Healthy and high-quality meals convince in a uniquely urban atmosphere. An extraordinary environment embraced by a unique historical past, which is formative for the history of Berlin and can not be imagined without. To continue the history here now and to indulge locals and guests again culinary and with other services like 100 years ago is an honor.

Key facts

Total area over 2.700 m²

Charismatic market hall

Urban restaurants and shops

Flexible space design as desired

Best connections due to direct access from Landsberger Allee

Fully air-conditioned

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Head of Leasing

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