Work. Eat. Meet.

Welcome to DSTRCT.Berlin! At this very special place an ultra-modern office building fuses with revitalized, historical halls. DSTRCT.Berlin offers unique workingspaces, generous public and commercial spaces, healthy food areas and much more. Coming to life in 2021.

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Key Features

Tailored to suit your needs.

We help you in many sectors to design your super-individual workspace you’ll never want to leave.

Latest technology takes work off your hands.

We use technology to continuously monitor, evaluate and manage your office experience. So you can focus on what is really important.

Designed for wellbeing.

The equipment, greenery, materials, outdoor areas, sports and nutritional opportunities are exceptional. This increases the wellbeing of everyone.

Excellently connected.

Also the area offers an impressive work-life balance with many possibilities.

creative hub

Be part of this extraordinary spirit.

We strongly believe that workspace is a powerful tool for business success. After all, various tasks and teams ask for various spaces. As our pioneering project in Berlin, DSTRCT focuses on next-level working, inspiring technology, elegant architecture and exceptional design – leading the way for a rising hip Berlin district.

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Energetic neighbourhood.

Excellently connected, easily accessible in the heart of Berlin: In the trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg, embraced by the hip district of Mitte, the vivid Friedrichshain as well as the laid-back Lichtenberg. Close to industry and equally green parks a wonderful place is being created, which offers the perfect working environment.

Within the city
Workspace Developer

HB Reavis

We are an international workspace provider increasing productivity and wellbeing. Besides Berlin, we are operating also in Bratislava, London, Warsaw, Budapest and Prague. Across the markets, we have completed unique urban projects with a total floor area of 1.1 million m², with plans for another 1.2 million m². Unique projects include the Nové Nivy with Nivy Station, Warsaw’s Varso Place, the Agora in Budapest and the One Waterloo project in London which, among others, is one of the largest projects in Europe.

In addition to tailor-made workspaces, we also offer extra services that make the work environment a place that supports the wellbeing and productivity of its users. Clients have access to the Origameo consulting service (advises companies on how to use space efficiently), to the Symbiosy service (a technological smart platform to help exploit the potential of space) and to the More service (provides bikesharing, concierge services and organizes events promoting a healthy lifestyle). Our HB Reavis package also includes the option to use the European coworking platform HubHub and flexible Qubes workspaces.



Bloom Clerkenwell


Twin City


Varso Place


Workspace as a Service

We go far beyond the ad cliché of making people happy. We boost your comfort, take care of all your needs and make you deliver your best while reducing stress level. Because we do believe that just like home isn’t just your flat, work isn’t just an office. Doesn’t this sound great?

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HB Reavis Germany GmbH

Matthias Goßmann

Head of Leasing

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